What Top Captains are saying...

imageGeorge Poveromo says: "Captain Mark's Sardine Chum is at the head of the class when it comes to attracting bottom fish and many coastal pelagics.  I bank on it when shooting my ESPN2 television series. " George Poveromo, Host of George Poveromo's World of Saltwater Fishing on ESPN2 and the National Seminar Series


Capt. Bouncer Smith says: "Capt. Mark's Chum presents a new benchmark in chum quality. When his chum goes out, the bait comes in."
Capt. Bouncer Smith Bouncer's Dusky 33, sailing from Miami Beach Marina. Guiding and out of Miami for over 35 years. Check out his web site at www.captbouncer.com or call Bouncer at 305-945-5114.

Capt. George LaBonte says: "Capt. Mark's Chum is the real deal. Whether I'm chumming the edge fly fishing for Bonito, Mackerel fishing, Yellowtail fishing, or even anchored up fishing for bait, this stuff works. Not a bit of waste either, just pure chum."
Captain George LaBonte runs a 30' Gamefisherman- the "EDGE", charter fishing out of Jupiter, Fl. He has over 30 years in the business and can also be seen on the pages of Florida Sportsman Magazine as well as Florida Sportsman Television, and hosts the "Florida Sportsman Live" radio show on ESPN radio in West Palm Beach. To book a charter or for additional information call 561-746-0032 or visit the website http://www.edgesportfishing.com

Capt. Alex Adler says: "Awesome chum, Sardine is a natural, much better than any Menhaden product I've ever used. No more wasting time with chum bags, great for bait and sportfish, saves me time and money" Capt. Adler on the "Kalex" a 48' custom-built sportfish out of Islamorada in the Florida Keys, over 30 years experience in offshore charters, tournaments and has been featured in many TV fishing shows. Capt. Adler offers fishing charters and can be reached at 305-852-5084

Capt. Lain Goodwin says: "Live bait is essential to having a successful day when fishing in the backcountry for snook, tarpon and redfish. Capt. Mark's Chum has allowed me to consistently find pilchards to ensure a memorable day on the water for my customers. There is no other chum on the market that offers the ease of use and disposal like Capt. Mark's 100% sardine chum."
Experience backcountry fishing and lobster charters on the beautiful waters surrounding the Upper Keys aboard the "Dirty Waters". Capt. Lain Goodwin offers day and night trips in the Everglades and Florida Bay aboard his 2004 17' Maverick. To book a charter or for additional information call (305-)304-2212 or visit the website

Capt. Dave Kostyo says: "Whether it's catching bait or catching fish, Capt. Mark's chum puts out a tremendous slick. And best of all, it really works!!"
Capt. Kostyo on the "Knot Nancy", a 28' tournament rigged Whitewater, offers trips out of Haulover Inlet in North Miami. He specializes in coastal and offshore trips as well as night time Swordfish charters. Checkout His web site at www.knotnancy.com or call Capt. Dave at 305-620-5896

Capt. Ralph Pineiro says: "As you know, regular chum looses all it's juices once it thaws out. Since there has been so much bait around the last couple of months, I put Capt. Mark's Fishing Chum out, caught bait really quick and ended up putting the chum bag with about 2/3's of it still left back in the plastic bag with the intention to throw it away at the dock. Unbeknownst to me, the mate put it back in the freezer. On the next trip the chum was still red and had all the juices left. We again caught bait really fast and saved about 1/3 again. You guessed it, I was able to catch bait on three separate trips with one bag of chum, no waste!!! You can quote me on that if you like."

Capt. Jose Scavuzzo says: "With Capt. Mark's Fishing Chum I catch more Yellow Tail using less chum. Better than any other chum I have ever used. Even in 60' to 70' of water Capt. Mark's Fishing Chum brings em right to the transom."
Capt. Jose has been fishing commercially since 1984 out of Islamorada in the Florida Keys.

Capt. Alan Sherman says: "Mark, your chum is the best. Worked just like you said. We set it out at room temperature on the way to the fishing grounds and then tied a small piece of cord to the chum bag that comes with your chum and within minutes we had small baitfish then Spanish mackerel, jack and bluerunners then came the snapper & grouper. When it was time to go, there was no chum left in the bag. Disposal was easy! At the boat ramp we just untied our cord and dropped the bag in the garbage. Great product! Keep up the good work!"
Capt. Alan with over 30 years experience in South Florida waters, specializes in light tackle charters to Biscayne Bay, Flamingo and the Everglades and He also hosts the "Florida Sportsman Live Radio Show." Capt. Alan can be reached at 305-757-5503 or visit his web site at

Lou Volpe says: "The chum is GREAT! I used it on News Years Day and kicked butt. We were drift fishing off Miami, Fl. And caught eight nice dolphin by 9:30 AM. The slick was awesome and the rate the chum flows out of the bag is perfect, even in the bumpy conditions we had that day. THANKYOU CAPT. MARK
Lou Volpe, noted South Florida and Bahamas live bait, kite and bottom fishing authority. Volpe runs the Mako 221 Dab-A-Doo. Volpe is a Touring National Faculty member with the Salt Water Sportsman Seminar Series. The NSS is the Nations for most educational program on marine fishing techniques. Now into it's 17 season the tour visits eight cities annually.

Capt. Chan Warner says: "Capt. Mark's Sardine Chum really raises the reef fish, best chum I've ever used.. we specialize in a technique called "sand-balling" where you mix the chum with sand to form a ball, that then sinks your bait to the bottom and intices the fish to bite. My crew and customers love Capt. Mark's because it doesn't have all the bones and garbage that most menhaden chums have mixed in that cut their hands. Keeps my crew happy and my customers catching fish.
Capt. Chan with over 28 years experience, runs the "Gulfstream Party Fishing" boat, a 65 foot head boat out of Key Largo, Florida specializing in the best reef fishing trips in the Keys. They offer day and night bottom fishing trips and can accommodate groups of up to 49 people. Call them at 305-451-9788 to reserve a spot. Or visit their web site at

Capt. Steve Huddleston says: "Capt. Mark’s Chum gets me results whether I’m catching bait, running a charter or going after another tournament win with team Pumpkin Eater. I won’t fish without Captain Mark’s Chum.
Capt. Steve Huddleston offers charters off the Southeast FL Coast and the Bahamas.
He specializes in Swordfish, Sailfish and Tournaments, on his boat or yours. Capt. Steve has been the go-to Captain for a recent Swordfish tagging program to study the Swordfish fishery with PSAT satellite tags. Contact Capt. Steve at 954-562-0051 or

Capt. Rick Featherstone says: In my twenty five years of fishing in S.W. Florida I have tried many different types of chum products. Capt. Mark's chum is by far the most effective on a wide variety of species that I have used. Bait fishing, tarpon, bottom fishing, kingfish, it dosent matter, I only need one product, Capt. Mark's chum.
“Capt. Rick Featherstone, an IGFA Certified Guide, on the “Majic Hook” a 29’ tournament rigged SeaVee offers offshore and near shore charters from Florida’s Southwest coastal region. Contact Capt. Rick at 239-455-0006

Capt.'s Brant and Barrett McMullan say: Capt. Mark's sardine chum is the answer. I've used and manufactured every type of chum imaginable and this stuff is the best chum product I've seen. From our home waters off the North Carolina coast where I charter fish daily from the Ocean Isle Fishing Center, to my travels on the professional king mackerel fishing circuits, Capt. Mark's sardine chum has proven its effectiveness, ease of use, and efficiency time and time again.  
Capt. Brant McMullan and Capt. Barrett McMullan are available for charter out of the Ocean Isle Fishing Center in North Carolina.  
Visit their web site at http://oceanislefishingcenter.com/charter_main.cfm or call them at 910-575-3474

Captain Pier Milito says: "Captain Mark's Pacific Sardine chum makes all other chums obsolete!!!  You want chum to do what chum is supposed to do fast?  Fishing inshore or offshore Capt. Mark's chum is the way to go." 
Capttain Pier is a premiere south Florida inshore and offshore fishing guide. He specializes in light tackle and fly fishing in the waters of Flamingo Everglades National Park, Islamorada, Key Largo and Miami.  Captain Pier  has been featured in newspapers and magazines around the world and a t.v. fishing show here in the U.S..   Capt. Pier has over 30 years of fishing experience and can be reached for charters including houseboat/mothership multiple day charters and Bahama trips at 786-295-4466 or visit the web site at www.FishingAdventureCharters.com