Captain Mark's Sabiki Savers are available through your favorite store. • Easy to use and affordable at $6.95 + shipping.
If Captain Mark's Sabiki Saver is NOT available in your favorite store, tell them to GET IT!


Sabiki Saver is a 48" long clear plastic tube that conveniently stores all Sabiki Bait Rigs.

Captain Mark's Sabiki Saver Offers an angler the ability to reuse his Sabiki Bait rigs…
Takes the place of an expensive Sabiki Rod and easier to stow away…
No more tangled mess reusing your Sabiki rigs with Captain Mark's Sabiki Saver…
Captain Mark's live bait fishing tips included

To store Sabiki-Rig in "Captain Mark's Sabiki Saver"

1. Remove caps from 48"tube.

2. Place lead weight still attached to bottom of Sabiki-Rig inside one end of tube and allow the weight to pull your Sabiki-Rig into the tube till weight comes out the other end.

3. Place caps on ends of tube securing both ends of your Sabiki-Rig.

4. Remove lead weight and unclip rig from fishing pole.

5. For extra long Sabiki-Rigs tape or tie-wrap two Sabiki Savers side by side and trim the tubes to desired length. Follow steps 1 & 2 except at one end of the tubes, your rig goes out and right back in to the next tube. Then follow steps 3 & 4.

6. "Captain Mark's Sabiki Saver" can easily be stowed away or placed in a rod holder or secured to a rod and reel with velcro straps.