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Captain Mark’s Debris Fishing tips included with every Mark’s Marker. Captain Mark's Markers are available through your favorite store.
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Never lose that fish loaded spot again

The problem: Anglers often head offshore looking for floating debris because anything from a board to a tree-trunk are well known to attract and hold everything from Bait-fish to Dolphin, Wahoo and even larger predators.  Even more typically, once an angler finds the floating debris he often loses sight of it.  You can't use your GPS (man over board) because that marks a geo-stationary position and the debris is moving with the current.  In the past some anglers have tried to use dive flags or gallon jugs but they just get caught in the wind and blown away from the debris because the wind and current are rarely going in the same direction. Well this problem is now solved with the only product on the market specifically designed to track floating debris.


The solution: Just grab your Mark's Marker from the rod-holder and toss it towards the debris. Whether the Mark’s Marker lands 5 or 500 feet from the floating debris, it will stay relative to the debris acting as a visual aid so the angler will know where to troll his lures.  Its Fluorescent Orange tube is easily visible from 1/3 mile away. Also, while it's out there bouncing around the ocean just like some of your better lures, it makes a rattle sound that imitates bait fish crashing on the surface and will actually help to bring the fish back into your targeted zone. When you're done fishing the spot, the catch-loop makes it easy to retrieve by gaff, rod tip, or by hand. You need 1 in the cockpit, 1 on the fly-bridge, and 1 in the tuna tower. 


Easily adapts to mark bottom structure:

For bottom structure like wrecks and reefs your Mark’s Marker can effectively be used to mark these spots just by attaching line to the bottom with a hose clamp then coiling the line around the base and adding a lead weight to the other end of the line.  If you’re fishing at night just clip a cylume light stick to the catch loop.