NEW** Over-size chum bags for Captain Mark’s 25lb tournament blocks are available at your favorite store

The knowledgeable saltwater angler never leaves the dock without fishing chum. Fishing chum is the “potatoes on the plate” and top captains will tell you a good chum slick must have the right combination of fish oil and meat. Captain Mark’s Pure Pacific Sardine fish oil spreads out in a chum slick far behind the boat and the fine ground Pure Pacific Sardine meat sinks through the water column to turn the bite on. We use the Pacific Sardine because it has a much higher oil content than any other Sardine species.  Another benefit is the abundance of the Pacific Sardine verses the environmental damage the domestic Sardine and Menhaden net boats are causing to our coastal fishing grounds.

Captain Mark’s Fishing Chum continues to win the confidence of every top captain who tries Captain Mark’s Fishing Chum.  From recreational and commercial fishermen to top professional tournament competitors Captain Mark’s Fishing Chum offers the best shot at your target species. From Yellow Tail Snapper fishing in the Florida Keys to winning Angler of the Year in the Mid-Atlantic, more and more anglers are discovering Captain Mark’s Fishing Chum and making it a part of every saltwater fishing trip.   

Whether it’s our innovative 6lb pre-netted or the standard 7lb box or the revolutionary 25lb tournament blocks, Captain Mark’s Fishing Chum provides the World’s Best Fishing Chum in the right packaging for your type of fishing. 

Captain Mark’s Fishing Chum is and has always been produced from 100% Pure Pacific Sardine. 

Captain Mark’s Fishing Chum does not contain any fillers or added water.