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Captain Mark's Caplight - The Worlds Smallest Hands Free Light. Exactly what you need for Reef and Sword night fishing. Our Cap light keeps your hands free to do any other task required. You can attach it to your keychain or hat. Get one for your wife to carry in her purse. It's very handy. 1000's of uses, everything from tying a fishing knot to reading a map in a car…

Simply attach the tab of velcro to the under-side of a cap and voila, you got the world's smallest hands-free light… It will light-up objects over 30 feet away, low profile won't block your vision.
Batteries are good for about 20 hours but the cap-light is something you typically use for a minute then turn it off. You'll get months of use out of it and the batteries are replaceable.

View Cap Light From Side

View Cap Light from Front