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A knowledgeable saltwater angler should never leave the dock without fishing chum. Fishing chum is the "potatoes on the plate" and top captains will tell you a good fishing chum consists of the right combination of oil and meat.
My Captain Mark's Fishing Chum continues to win the support and confidence of every top captain who tries Captain Mark's Fishing Chum. From weekend warriors to top professional tournament anglers, Captain Mark's Fishing Chum offers the best shot at landing your target species. From Yellow Tail Snapper fishing in the Florida Keys to winning Angler of the Year in the Mid-Atlantic, more and more anglers are discovering Captain Mark's Fishing Chum and making it a part of every saltwater fishing trip.
Our Sardine fish oil spreads out in a chum slick far behind the boat and the fine ground Sardine meat sinks through the water column to make the absolute BEST fishing chum available today.

In the past, many other fishing chums have simply been a by-product of a filet production line or a profitable solution to getting rid of garbage. Most fishing chum manufactures have been shoveling their garbage off the floors, running it through their grinding machines and putting price tags on it. Well, when it comes to fishing chums, if you start out with garbage then you end up with a garbage fishing chum.

Captain Mark's Fishing Chum is and has always been produced from 100% pure Sardine.

Captain Mark's Fishing Chum does not contain any fillers or added water.

Captain Mark's Fishing Chum is the hottest fishing chum product on the tournament circuits and the open market today.

Captain Mark's Fishing Chum was first introduced to the market place in early 2004 and has since continually increased its market share and continues to garner top tournament results.

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